Jun 212013
North to Colorado: New Mexico Highway 285

Share It!North to Colorado: New Mexico Highway 285 Rio Grande Rift, San Antonio Mountain, Taos Plateau, Ojo Caliente, Tres Piedras, Antonito,     New Mexico Hwy 285 north to the Colorado Border. Once leaving Espanola, New Mexico, on New Mexico highway 285, through the canyon and cliff-lined road, traveling on north toward the Colorado border along the Rio Grande Rift, the drive offers a view of the high country from atop the Taos Plateau. Little known and less driven, this highway trip is vested with some of New Mexico’s most [Read More]

Jun 212013
Espanola, New Mexico: Revealing the hidden charm

Share It!Espanola, New Mexico: Revealing the hidden charm By Cheryl Bruedigam In my travels I have been to Espanola many times, mostly just passing through, and never saw or appreciated all this backseat-to-Santa Fe has to offer. Its reputation for highway-cruising low-riders and its proximity to the international destination of Santa Fe, have likely kept it on the less explored travel list. A recent lengthy visit however revealed the cultural charms, beautiful views and peaceful valley within Espanola. Originally settled by the Spanish explorer Onate because of the location near [Read More]

Jun 102013
Highway 53, The Ancient Way, in Western New Mexico

Share It!On the Road – Highway 53, The Ancient Way, in Western New Mexico We have been camped on the Acoma Reservation for five days. Yesterday we took a Sunday drive into Grants (just fifteen miles) and then went south on Highway 53 (also known as the Ancient Way) toward El Morro in Cibola County, New Mexico, about another forty miles. The drive south from Grants quickly became increasingly more cool and beautiful as we left the heat and lower elevation and continued a high and steady climb up. Pines [Read More]

Jun 072013
Travel Dog Blog

Share It!Discover New Mexico's Travel Dog Blog       Greetings fellow canines. My name is Missy and I am your host at the Discover New Mexico Travel Dog Blog. I am traveling on the road with my people and busy scouting the best in everything for dogs on the move. I will bring you the best places for dumpsters and scraps, the best-marked locations, tips on retrieving camp food, getting out of your collar and leash and anything else I can dig up out here on the road! My first [Read More]

Jun 062013
Dining at Huwaka Restaurant, Sky City Casino Hotel

Share It!Dining at Huwaka Restaurant, Sky City Casino Hotel – Review The dining at the Huwaka Restaurant, Sky City Casino Hotel, in Acoma, New Mexico, is a culinary oasis in between Albuquerque and Grants. Who knew?  The dining room reflects the natural environment of this southwest stop-over; light and airy with raw knotty beams and woods. Heavy light-colored wooden chairs in a more formal dining atmosphere are comfortable and emit rustic luxury.  Adobe walls lined with stepped shelves and niches contain Native pottery and add to the ambiance.  The hostess, waiters and [Read More]

Jun 062013
Acoma Sky City Casino RV Park – Review

Share It!Acoma Sky City Casino RV Park – Review An hour west of Albuquerque, on I-40 West, the Acoma Sky City Casino, Hotel and RV Park, offers an alternative overnight respite to the hustle and congestion of the city. Maneuvering through city traffic in an RV can be difficult and at the least frustrating. If you are headed west on New Mexico’s I-40 in an RV, Sky City may just be the ideal stop. Though many of the Native-owned and operated casinos in New Mexico offer RV parking or campgrounds, [Read More]

Jun 062013
The Real Abiquiu - Review

Share It!The Real Abiquiu – Review Countless times we have “driven through” Abiquiu, New Mexico, on highway 84. Either heading to the lake or up to Chama, but never had we visited the “real” Abiquiu. Not until our most recent trip to actually camp at Riana Campground at Abiquiu Lake, where the camp hosts told us about the “real” village of Abiquiu. Topping a small hill just above the Abiquiu Post Office on 84, up a bumpy dirt road, lies the old Abiquiu. Most adjectives that come to mind are [Read More]

Jun 062013
The Chama, New Mexico, Visitor’s Center

Share It!The Chama, New Mexico, Visitor’s Center During our recent stop in the New Mexico mountain village of Chama, we stopped in at the Visitor’s Center to find a warm welcome. The center’s hostess was helpful, friendly and interested in our needs. The center, centrally located in the small town at 501 Terrace Ave, offers not only local information but information on destinations and tourism throughout the state including maps, brochures and travel guides. Though most all travel information is online these days, it is still helpful to pick up [Read More]

Jun 062013
Abiquiu Lake in Georgia O’Keeffe Country

Share It!Abiquiu Lake in Georgia O’Keeffe Country Abiquiu Lake, run by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, sits at an elevation of 6400 feet, surrounded by pinon and juniper, between the Sangre de Cristo  and the San Juan Mountain ranges of northern New Mexico. The region, also known as Piedra Lumbre (Spanish for shining stone), is reminiscent of days and peoples long gone, yet still remains as peaceful and magical as it likely ever was. The lake shimmers in the afternoon sun as ravens fly overhead and boats drift across [Read More]

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