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A New Renaissance for the Old West 
“The Silver Screen Finds a New Silicon Valley”
by J.R. Beardsley & Paula Devlin


Photo from the short film,  "Earthship," filmed in Taos at the Pheonix in the Earthship community.

New Mexico is fast becoming the high-profile state for film with 7 already in the can for 2013 and 31 productions completed in 2012.  Understandably, many states are competing for production revenues but, with the recent 30% tax rebate incentive, state-of-the-art studios, film locations that could be anywhere in the world and over 300 days of sunshine, what’s not to love about this up-and-coming film mecca?  In addition, there are new post-production facilities and many other support services staffed by refugees from Hollywood.  The above-the-line talent find it an easy hop to Albuquerque, being able to board a plane in the morning to be on the set after lunch.   While there is a laid back quality to doing business in New Mexico, the quality of the work and workers is on a par with their competition.  “The Land of Enchantment” is a wonderful relief from city congestion, expenses and stress.  Then there is the attractive cost of living . . .

earthshp camera set up

Photo from the short film,  "Earthship," filmed in Taos at the Pheonix in the Earthship community.

Touché International Films has made New Mexico its home for those reasons. We are delighted with the people and the hospitality of the film community. Most folks are down to earth and eager to assist.

New Mexico is building an infrastructure yet is still is a film frontier, open to advancing artistic growth that is not so readily avaible in the major markets. New Mexico is striving to be a major resourse as film continues to be a focal point in the Land of Enchantment. Touché International Films supports, encourages and looks forward to participation with  all who are creating a film concept for production in New Mexico.

The NM Film Office in Santa Fe is the first stop and the best way to tune into what is happening in the film industry in New Mexico.   Anyone considering a NM production  must connect with them- the sooner the better.  They are highly competent with help in every way.

The recent annual NM Film Conference 2013 had many NM Crew services offered from EFX, motion capture, drone cameras, helicopters to nannies, housekeepers and catering.  There were excellent panel discussions that covered topics from locations, the future of media, distribution, indie funding and editing to an explanaion of tax incentives. New Mexico has everything needed  for production on and off set.

The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME)  drew worldwide attention to its inaugural year. It took  place June 3-9, 2013.  AFME purports to be a significant event that represents creative achievement in the arts and entertainment.  AFME was honored to have Robert Redford, artist Sibylle Szaggars-Redford and director Joshua Michael Stern among many other significant industry names. 

AFME is also bringing Route 66 back to life. The “Get your Kicks on Route 66” is an American road legend, stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles with Albuquerque in the middle, full of wonderful fifties motels, diners and period memorabilia.

Albuquerque has also developed a Film Tourism Guide for those who wish to visit its local filming locations.

Touché International Films  was invited to participate in the Roswell Fim Festival and Cosmicon which was its second successful year. We hosted “Swashbuckling for the Silver Screen Workshops, judged and presented awards as well as  hosting a booth. It is having a positive impact and we look forward to returning next season with even more surprises, workshops and fun.  We support  film in New Mexico. It generates income on many levels for New Mexico.

Check out New Mexico Film & Entertainment in Syndication for what’s currently filming in New Mexico.

It’s time to rev up the old three-holer Buick and travel back in time on Route 66 to Albuquerque for a unique adventure. Enjoy the ride and happy trails.


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J.R. Beardsley is a committee member and regular contributor to Universal Film magazine; Executive Director for Touché International Films, Inc.; an international Fight Director, actor, director and producer and can be found on Linkedin.

Touché International Films,

Paula Devlin is Executive of Fianance contributing on all levels of Touche International Films development.

Photos from the short film,  "Earthship," filmed in Taos at the Pheonix in the Earthship community.,_TV,_Film.html

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