Sep 012015
El Morro National Monument

Share It! Located on Highway 53, north of Grants El Morro is a sandstone promontory with a pool of water at its base, aptly named by the Spaniards, El Morro, Spanish for headland. Standing majestically over the pinon and juniper, El Morro is ever watching the travelers along the old Zuni-Acoma Trail, an ancient Pueblo trade route also known as the Ancient Way, which according to, “The Trail of the Ancients may be the most historically significant in New Mexico, having been in continuous use since around 900 A.D. [Read More]

Jun 102013
Highway 53, The Ancient Way, in Western New Mexico

Share It!On the Road – Highway 53, The Ancient Way, in Western New Mexico We have been camped on the Acoma Reservation for five days. Yesterday we took a Sunday drive into Grants (just fifteen miles) and then went south on Highway 53 (also known as the Ancient Way) toward El Morro in Cibola County, New Mexico, about another forty miles. The drive south from Grants quickly became increasingly more cool and beautiful as we left the heat and lower elevation and continued a high and steady climb up. Pines [Read More]

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