Aug 282015
Beautiful Accommodations Await at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino

Share It!The Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino is located just fifteen minutes north of Santa Fe. Owned and operated by the Pueblo of Pojoaque, under the Hilton flag, it sits in the beautiful and wild Pojoaque valley with vistas and views reaching to the northern New Mexico as well as the surrounding area. The resort is big and bold in Vegas style but offers a myriad of amenities and services. There is 61,000 sq. ft. gaming, concerts, golf, meetings, weddings, spa services and amazing food and dining facilities. The accommodations start as [Read More]

Sep 052013
Acoma Sky City Sunset and Cloud Timelapses

Share It!Acoma Sky timelapse videos. I just love this big sky out here. Acoma Big Sky Acoma Sunset (Acoma Sky City)   The sunsets out here at Sky City are always fantastic, so I decided to do a time lapse of one. As it approached, I was thinking, man I should have done this a couple of days ago, the sunset was much better then. But just when I thought it was going to fade, it exploded into the most colorful and beautiful sunset yet out here. And that is [Read More]

Sep 052013
Divined from the spirits – passed down through generations

Share It!Heartbeat: Music of the Native Southwest Divined from the spirits – passed down through generations September 29, 2013 – Spring 2015 Pueblo Drum with Cloud Designs. Wood, animal hide and paint. Gift of Drs. Norman C. & Gilda M. Greenberg, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe. Photo by Blair Clark   (Santa Fe, September 3, 2013)—A celebration of sight, sound, and activity for visitors of all ages, Heartbeat: Music of the Native Southwest, opens Sunday, September 29, 2013 at the Museum of Indian Arts and [Read More]

Jun 062013
Acoma Sky City Casino RV Park – Review

Share It!Acoma Sky City Casino RV Park – Review An hour west of Albuquerque, on I-40 West, the Acoma Sky City Casino, Hotel and RV Park, offers an alternative overnight respite to the hustle and congestion of the city. Maneuvering through city traffic in an RV can be difficult and at the least frustrating. If you are headed west on New Mexico’s I-40 in an RV, Sky City may just be the ideal stop. Though many of the Native-owned and operated casinos in New Mexico offer RV parking or campgrounds, [Read More]

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